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Graphic Email Template: Black/Gold Abstract

This template will be customized with your personal/business name, address and phone number.
Your choice of a graphic or logo can be included in the name banner.

Black/Gold Abstract

Excellent for any business. Bold, eye catching and professional-looking.

From The Office Of
Dr. Bruce Jackson

Happy 2009 to you and your family!
As a former patient of Advanced Chiropractic, we are hoping that the new year finds you well.

We have not heard from you in quite some time, and frankly, I'm a bit concerned. In my years of experience, I have had patients who quit chiropractic care before their problem was totally corrected. Three months or six months later they come back - in more pain than ever. Because the problem has now existed for an even longer time, they respond more slowly to treatment. It would have been so much easier - and less painful - to correct the problem the first time around!

Also, with the new year now upon us, your insurance benefits may be available for adjustments you might need or want done. Please call our office and we'll let you know. Our office number is 818-345-6789.

Keep In Touch!
Your friends from

Advanced Chiropractic Center

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This is a one-time charge! Once the template is created, it is yours to use. (The HTML code will be e-mailed to you, which can easily be edited for additional mailings). NO KNOWLEDGE OF HTML REQUIRED! If your current e-mail provider does not allow sending HTML e-mails, we can recommend services that will.

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