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Target Marketing With LocalAdLink
The Key To Having A Strong Online Presence

There are many ways to promote your business on the internet. Many of these are expensive and not always that effective. Pay-per-click advertising has been the method of choice for many businesses who want their websites to show up for those all-important web searches. But for many smaller business owners, pay-per-click has become too expensive.

KITWOO is proud to announce a partnership with as a preferred method of promoting online businesses - on a local and targeted level. With LocalAdLink, small business owners can now compete with the big online advertisers on an even scale. The great thing about the people behind LocalAdLink is that they understand that with internet advertising, it's not only important having your business represented online, but it's also just as important to have your business networked with hundreds of other businesses online.

The last few years have seen a tremendous expansion in the power of online social communities such as MySpace, Facebook and YouTube. Hundreds of millions of people are linked in and sharing their thoughts, opinions and lives with each other, creating a vast marketplace and an unmatched opportunity for ad exposure. However, the cost of maintaining an advertising campaign on a major community is far beyond the budget of most small businesses, and the market has been skewed towards companies which can profit by large scale advertising, and against local companies. What, then, is the local solution to the global market? The answer lies in Pin-Pointed Marketing - integrating with the people-to-people model already present in online social communities.

As a destination website, LocalAdLink already serves over 14 million businesses across the nation. Consumers can review businesses and services and read the reviews of others. However it doesn’t stop there. LocalAdLink has created a game-changing opportunity with its exclusive advertising technology – imagine going to the most popular websites and seeing your ad – geo-targeted to your community and relevant to your audience. LocalAdLink has created this advertising network and created an affordable and easy solution for business to appear on websites such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, MySpace, Facebook, Fandango, Rolling Stone, BOOMj,,,, and hundreds more.

LocalAdLink is positioned to create the largest Local Ad Network on the world wide web. Please contact us for more information on how your business can take advantage of this very affordable (starting at under $70 a month) and effective way to promote your business.

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